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Conheça a linha de mangueiras, medidores, acopladores, acessórios, colectores e fluidos da Power Team.


RP Series – Pulling – 2 and 5 Ton – Single-Acting, Spring Return

Swivel Caps

Mounting Accessories

Center-Hole for RH and RT

Seal Kits

RSS Cylinders – Cribbing Blocks

Lifting Handles

Aluminum Cylinder Base

Head Inserts – RH Series Cylinders

Head Inserts – RT Series Cylinders

Foot Pump Conversion Kit

Storage Box


Pressure Regulator

Hoses (Non-Conductive)

Hoses (Rubber Wire-braid)

Hoses (Polyurethane)

Hoses (Torque Wrench)

Standard Couplers

Flush Face Couplers

Gauges Analog

Gauges Digital

Gauges Digital 9042DG

Gauge Accessories

Hydraulic Oil

Remote Manifolds

Pump-Mounted Manifolds

On-Off Motor Control

Solenoid and Motor Controls

Remote Air Motor Controls


Air Filter – Regulator – Lubricator

Pressure Switch

Pilot Operated Air Control Valves

Oil Cooler Kits

Reservoir Breather Kits

Fluid Level – Temperature Gauge

Foot Control Guard

Magnetic Strip

Viton Seal Kits

Universal Pump Cart

Protective Pump Roll Cage

Large Capacity Reservoirs

Straightening Fixtures

Rubber Tire Removing/Installing Set

Threaded Adapters

Press Accessory Kits

V-Throat Press Plate

Pushing Adapters

Stressing Jack Accessories/Hoses

Inflatable Jack Accessories

Railroad Jacks – Accessories

Jack Rod Extensions for Railroad Edition

Jack Cribbing Block Sets

Jack Cribbing Block Sets

Jack Module Extensions

Torque Wrench Handle for TWHC, TWSD & TWLC

Impact Sockets

Male Hex Drive Adapters for Torque Wrenches

Extended Reaction Arm (ERA) for TWSD

Long Reaction Arm for TWSD Square Drive Torque Wrench

Reaction Pad for TWSD Square Drive Torque Wrench

Links for TWLC Low Clearance Torque Wrench

Reaction Bar for TWLC Low Clearance Torque Wrench

Reaction Paddle for TWLC Low Clearance Torque Wrench

Reducers for TWLC Low Clearance Torque Wrench

Extended Reaction Arm (ERA) for TWHC

Long Reaction Arm for TWHC

Reaction Pad for TWHC

FLS: Flange Lightweight Spreaders Accessories

Dual Gauge Conversion Kit

Hoses (Specialty Tools)

Fittings for Hydraulic Tester

Flange Adapters for Hydraulic Tester

Long Jaws 10-50 Tons for Posi Lock Pullers

Posi Lock Mechanical Puller Accessories

Hydraulic Lift Cart

Storage Transport Cart

Push-Pullers – Legs

Jaw Spreads

Bearing and Pulley

Gear and Pulley Pullers

Four-in-One Puller Set

Flange Type Puller

Metric Adapters

Female Threaded Adapters

Male-Female Threaded Adapters

Step Plate Adapter Sets

Shaft Protector Set

Protective Blanket

Security Chests

Hydraulic Straightening Tool

Long Jaw Set

Bearing, Bushing and Seal Driver Sets

Hose Reducer Bushings

Wooden Storage Box

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